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Termite Restoration in Van Nuys, CA

Like a tiny demolition team with an insatiable appetite for destruction, termites can easily eat through just about any piece of wood in your Van Nuys, CA home or business. Depending on how early you detect the problem, termite damage can range from a few bites taken from a single beam to serious structural damage. If your property has suffered termite damage, be it major or minor, trust the team at McKernan Inspections Inc for thorough, effective repairs.

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Our termite damage repair services are designed to restore your property while eliminating the threat of future termite-related destruction. We're equipped to identify the source of your termite infestation and implement preventative measures that will keep these unwanted pests from coming back and wreaking havoc.

But don't wait to call for help. An untreated termite problem will only get worse over time. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our termite damage repair services.